Saturday, September 3, 2011

Barcelona: Day 11 : Castellano .

Today was the first of the dreaded Saturday Spanish classes. I don't think they are technically mandatory but since I am not fluent and certainly nowhere near the fluency of a native speaker, it would make sense to go. There are probably close to 10 classes in total throughout the month of September, and I am relieved that I have had a good amount of Spanish classes that I've taken throughout the years -- I certainly don't feel too lost.

My biggest challenge is a tie between being able to think on my feet in a conversation, and actually being able to listen and understand the words and sentences at the speed with which they are being spoken. It doesn't help that some people automatically start speaking Catalan... which is certainly noticeably different from regular Spanish. Oh yeah, and people apparently regular Spanish Castellano instead, because of course that makes sense.... (not).

The worst part of these Spanish classes (other than the fact that the first two are on Saturdays) is that they are 3 or 4 hours long. And to think that I used to be exhausted linguistically in Clemson when I had to take an hour and 15 minutes of German twice a week. We moved incredibly slow, or so it seemed, because there are some people in our group that have never taken Spanish in their lives. It all makes sense, but I suppose the review will be helpful. I can't imagine being in their position; it must be incredibly difficult.

Luckily, we have tomorrow off to recoup and it will most likely be spent on the beach, after church. I'm exhausted as per the usual at night, and so I'm going to be turning in in a few. Thankfully we found a place where we could watch the Clemson game today and I just want to say congrats to the boys in orange -- and for the few Central Spirit kiddies who read this, wish I could have been out there charging across the field with a flag with you guys today... Make me proud in all the games to come.

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