Sunday, September 25, 2011

Barcelona: Day 32 : Rainy Days .

Today was the first day in forever that it rained! And it wasn't just a sprinkle, or a short pour for about 10 minutes. Coincidentally this was in the heat of La Mercé, which means that there was a bit of a damper put on festival activities. However, I certainly didn't let it ruin my day. I found it a perfect opportunity to just leave the windows open and listen to the pitter patter of the raindrops on the roof, while lounging around the apartment.

This is really nuts because it doesn't rain in Barcelona. Literally, since we have been here, this is the first time that it has rained a substantial amount all day. It's also the first day that it's been cloudy all day. The rain subsided for a good bit of the day but the clouds remained. I remember one other morning that it was raining and Kendall and I went for a run in it, and then it began to absolutely downpour. But, that lasted only a short while, and honestly it was really liberating running in it. Other than that, there have been some threatening clouds, but just sprinkles here and there. It's actually really neat to be in the apartment while it's raining because you can leave the windows open and just listen to it. I wish it rained every night while I went to sleep, because that would be like putting on a meditation cd for me to sleep to. Yum.

I felt like a total bum at the end of the day, but both Ryan and I agreed that it was totally worth it. I mean, you need a nice break to do nothing every once in awhile.

Not to mention that this weekend was a three day weekend, so it was so easy to just do nothing for one day -- After all, we can worry about the work for class tomorrow, right?

I think so.

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