Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Music Monday #35

Well, lately there have been so many songs that seem to constantly get stuck inside of my head. Recently though, it's been this one: The name is Late Night Special by Ground Up Sounds. Despite the fact that it's easy to find the song anywhere, I can't seem to find the lyrics, which is a total bummer because I definitely wanted to be able to rap along to this.

I first heard this song while perusing the many snowboarding videos of youtube. Every year I get excited for winter and snow once it gets cool outside -- I mean even just a hint of cool weather really gets me in the mood. I start making snowboarding playlists, or at least one big playlist for the season -- which is what I will listen to either on the way to the mountain or out on the slope. This one has got such a sick beat, and the lyrics are pretty damn slick. Enjoy this one!

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