Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Barcelona: Day 22 : A Couple of Days .

We are soon leaving for Madrid on Friday, and excitement is plentiful. That's not to say it hasn't been up until this point -- but perhaps more than usual, eh? This one is going to be short and sweet. Today we had European Studies and Spanish, both of which seemed to drag on endlessly, but more importantly a group of us decided to go and visit the site of our big studio project.

The actual premise behind the project is to take one city block in the Poble Nou are and add a certain amount of public space to it. The difficult is that the density of the city is ever increasing, due to the natural boundaries that seem to limit the space. Our particular square has to do with a block that has a train line going through it, so there may end up being a few limitations, including noise and other things that need to be taken into account in our design.

I'm glad we got this one (there are 3 different squares that the professors basically randomly assigned to groups, though we got to pick our groups luckily) because I think that the train tracks will both be a challenge and an interesting thing to work around and within. Our goal is to bring a public space across the existing framework, and working with those rail tracks should be challenging. That's basically all I've sort of gotten from the professors for now, though I'm sure there is more in the syllabus that I didn't read... Here are some pictures though, to help illustrate the area I'll be working in.

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