Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ask me shit .

Well, after Sarah's post seemed to be wildly successful, I decided I was going to literally copy exactly what she did and seeeeee what happens. I've written a fair amount on this blog, and though I have an "ask questions" tab, no one ever actually asks any questions in that (I promise it does work, and it gets sent to me...) So with that being said, here's where you get to have some fun.

I FINALLY set up an email for this blog. Yes, an official email where you can ask me stuff, or email me random shit if you feel so inclined. Just don't spam me or I'll send you angry emails back. Kay? Kay.

So here it is! -->

Send me things you'd like to know. Questions can be about anything, regarding anything. I'm happy to oblige! If I get a good number of responses.... Maybe just maybe I'll try to shoot a video for it like Sarah.

Oh, and final words -- Go check out her bloggity. It's fucking awesome.

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