Sunday, October 14, 2012

old ladies & wine .

So funny anecdote from the other day. I went into Food Lion to grab a bottle of wine with Courtney, in addition to some things we wanted to make a nicer dinner. Upon checking out, the cashier asked to check my ID, and then asked for hers. We weren't checking out together really, as we were buying different things (and she's 20 so she is not of legal age). The lady wouldn't let me buy the wine. Apparently this is a statewide (maybe even national?) rule and she just wouldn't let us do it.

An elderly lady was there to witness our plight and whispered to just walk out and have me come back in alone. Now technically, I would think that since I re-entered the building alone, I am treated as a new patron. This is apparently not the case, and still was not allowed to buy any alcohol, despite my legal age.

I find this to be complete and utter nonsense. For what is the difference if I am to leave, drive home and come back and then purchase something, rather than go ahead and walk out and come back in!? I was very frustrated, and quite frankly, completely pissed off. This lady deserved a big ol' bitch slap for being a stupid twat (forgive my... oh wait, I don't give a shit that I'm cursing).

The lovely elderly lady gave me some suggestions of other places to go and other interesting wines to try, and even offered to go back in and purchase it for us. She was too courteous, but in the end we just had to forget it and call it day.

Needless to say, I sure won't be shopping at Food Lion as much anymore. They are now notorious for being large poops, and apparently, even if you're 21, you're not allowed to buy alcoholic beverages.

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