Thursday, October 18, 2012

Greenville and a lunch .

So I'm behind on writing these, but it matters not. On Saturday Courtney and I made our way to Greer to visit my boss, Carl T. Smith. Carl actually is an author, and I do some marketing and PR work for him. I knew he'd been wanting to get together, so this was a perfect opportunity for him to not only meet my woman, but to go into downtown Greenville and visit Falls Park. It just so happened Greenville was having their Fall Festival that day, so Main St. was closed and there were people a-plenty.

Greenville is a great place; while it may not be an extensive city, it definitely gives you a city feel, while at the same time being absolutely gorgeous. Falls Park is one of my favorite places there, and after seeing the picture below (courtesy of Courtney) you'll understand why.

Can you believe that this is in the middle of a city? I promise you it is. And so it was really nice to enjoy the day together. It was a gorgeous day, spent with a gorgeous girl, and we got to eat lunch with my boss at High Cotton (which is absolutely class, and not even expensive). I highly recommend the Chicken BLT, as it is literally the best one I have ever had! An absolutely pristine meal with a great view, classy decor and a wonderful atmosphere.

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