Monday, October 22, 2012

Hiatus .

Well, I never wanted to do this. I thought that I could keep up with everything. But right now, there are just too many things going on. My studio project. My job. Getting grad school applications ready. Working on a portfolio. Studying for tests. Eventually studying for finals. Financial project. Working out. Going to football games.

There are simply too many things on my plate right now, and as important as blogging is to me (and as important as all of you are to me, my dear friends!) I believe that it's time that I take a short hiatus from writing here. It will only be until the end of the semester, which is mid-Decemeber or so. Do you think you can last that long? :) I'll still be reading about all of your adventures as much as I can, and I promise even if I don't comment I do actually ready every post you all write. There's a reason why I don't follow 300+ blogs; it's so I can keep up with them all!

I can't wait to get back to this full time, but for now, I just have to put forth all my efforts into those things that really need to get done! I appreciate your understanding and support, and can't wait to be back with more stories in a few months!


  1. Go for it, Greg. I remember taking a break earlier this year and you sent me your support. So now it's my turn. I'll miss your posts....but when you return, it will be Christmas time. Take the time you need to focus on your studies. It's important. We'll be in touch....

  2. Just learned about your blog, it's really interesting! Hope to see more posts soon. I don't think you'd be interested in my blog though.. lol.

    1. Well I'm flattered you enjoy it. Unfortunately I won't be posting for a few months, due to an abundance of schoolwork to do and such. But I hope you'll stick around 'til after then! Until then, you're more than welcome to peruse the many other posts I have. Enjoy!

    2. Thank you so much! :) Good luck with your studies!

  3. Psh, and you complain about me taking a break... Hypocrite!

    Hehe. Say, new year's coming up. I propose we start our one picture a day for one year-thing then. And we'll start our band as soon as I get my ass over to America. Which might take a while. I had to repeat a year, heheh...


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