Monday, April 15, 2013

Confronting Your Feelings .

Another wonderful post from the Le Love blog, this one talked about "hoping for an us." Bearing your heart and soul to someone you see a potential future with is never an easy thing to do. People wish and dream that things would happen without them having to take a risk, without them having to share a large piece of themselves, and without any heartbreak.

But what would a life be with no risk, with no chance, with no luck? Boring, uncomplicated, there would be no growth, and no lessons learned. And so we take chances. We test our luck. We accept risk and live life without looking back. Because that's what you have to do.

The point when your emotions get the better of your judgement is an interesting one. It's the do or die point where you profess your admiration and affections for someone and hope that the feeling is undeniably reciprocated. With such a tempestuous turmoil going on in your body, you feel as if your heart and your mind are playing tug of war. The pressure builds and you know the likelihood is that you are going to blurt out your feelings at the most inopportune of moments.

And at that very moment, you feel embarrassment, relief, hope, and fear all at the same time. Embarrassed as the person looks back at you with this confused look, unsure of what to say or how to feel. Relieved, that they finally know. Hoping that they'll smile, open their arms and accept you into their life, mind, body and soul. And of course, terrified, that they won't.

Love is but a constant battle of the mind. We trick ourselves into believing that without the one we love we are nothing; without them how can we go on. We lead ourselves to believe that this one person is destined to be with us and us with them. For that is how it is meant to be and always was.

The hardest part is that there is always more to say. More questions. Thoughts. Discussion needed. And yet it always hangs in the air like an unfinished thought, like a sentence trailing off before you can hear the parts that clarify the meaning to its full extent. But often that's what feelings and emotions become. Strings of life, torn and frayed at the ends. Vibrance and excitement, but also anxiety and melancholy.

And despite all the potential mess, the potential for fractured friendship, and the potential for confusion and hurt, we still try. And we still pour ourselves out. Because we have to. And because the avenue for love is worth it.


  1. YES! it's gonna be boring without any risk. i love how you describe it Greg.well said

    1. after your post the other day about only commenting on the things that really hit you, so glad this was one of the ones that had an effect :)

  2. The onlt chance regretted is the chance not taken. I would rather be a fool for bearing my heart and soul than be "safe" whilst hiding my true feelings. Awesome post Greg.

    1. So true; sometimes you just have to leap and not look back!

  3. I, too love following LeLove. Loved this post too.
    I believe in true love. Waiting for it, finding it, cherishing it.

  4. this is really good. thanks for it.


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