Monday, April 29, 2013

Giving Up .

I'm tired of hearing the pleas, the excuses, the "it wasn't you"'s. It happens time and time again, and I'm so sick of it. And no matter how much you tell others, or how much you tell yourself that it won't affect you, it will. Your future will hold skepticism and distrust, and that feeling of uncertainty when someone bares all and confesses their feelings for you. It's not a person I'd want to be, rather I don't, and I haven't. But I can feel myself getting there. To a point where I'd rather lose the opportunity than lose my heart again. Too often is it put back in place only to be ripped out again.

I'd like for it to be sewn in one day. Stapled shut. Never to be disturbed again. Is that too much to ask?

One day.


  1. It's a feeling we've all had....yet they are all so different. So unique. Push through it. It gets better. And being truly in love is always worth the risk. Trust me....

  2. i know!
    but then again, we'll move on and you'll do great.

  3. I know that we've bounced off each other for support before, so here's my two cents of rambling:

    I know that it's the most over-used and annoying phrase, but it will get better. You have to keep the hope that everything happens for a reason and that things will turn around. If you don't, you'll end up drifting through each day craving for that connection but unable to open yourself up to it when the opportunity presents itself. You've got a few months before you head to the other side of the country, who knows what kind of people you'll meet out there.

    My roommate told me a few weeks ago as we were having a heart-to-heart that she can imagine me with a family. I told her that I can too, I just can't imagine that guy that I would build that family with. She shared her opinion that he'd be someone from another country or a far away place, someone that I'd have to relocate to be with. In a way I feel as if that makes the most sense. I know that there's some guy out there that I'll meet somewhere, and my point here for you is that your girl is out there too. It just takes time which sucks but what good has come out of anything that's instant?

    And no, not even hot cocoa, the best kind takes a few minutes and lots of milk. (:


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