Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Friendly Frenzy .

Over the course of the next week, most students' heads at Clemson are filled with what they are supposed to know for their finals, dreams of summer, talk of upcoming plans and what they are going to do after they recover from their drastic sleep deprivation. But not mine. I've begun already to feel like I'm a ghost here, despite the fact I haven't taken one step towards home yet. More importantly though, are the people that I might very well never see again.

How do you even begin to comprehend that? Friendships cultivated and fostered over the course of two, three and four years; does it all just become forgotten at the end of all things? Thanks for the memories and such? I'd like to think that it doesn't. In fact I refuse to let that happen. Because while in high school I was inclined to let people fall by the wayside (let's be honest, they tried less than I did and I was frustrated), I've met too many amazing people that have affected me in some really awe-some ways (this is foreshadowing, there's going to be a post about you amazing people!).

Today, I ran into so many people that I just haven't seen in quite some time. And that was awesome! Catching up, chatting, talking about future plans. Even more awesome are the friends who go out of their way to spend time with you, grab a bite to eat with you, or milk every last second together up because they know full well that you'll be moving to the other side of the country.

I've been telling everyone that my door is always open at Oregon, and it is! I'm not sure how many will make it out there, whether for cost, forgetfulness, or just distaste at the idea of leaving the Southeast (paha, small crack at Southerners) but I hope that a good number of people do actually decide to come visit (or at least make their way out to the Northwest). Now, it's awfully late and I'm exhausted, but I may very well continue this tomorrow!

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  1. It doesn't become forgotten as long as you do what most people DON'T do and that's to stay in touch. Me and my college friends all said we would always keep in touch but slowly over the course of time we lost touch and that's always sad. We didn't put in the effort needed. As long as you put forth the effort to stay in touch then those relationships will last forever.


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