Monday, April 15, 2013

the BEST things about love .

I follow this blog called Le Love, and every so often, they just inspire me to write. Despite recent events, I'm left feeling inspired and want to just write. So here's a list (and Lord knows I haven't written a list post in ages) of the best things about love.

1. Holding hands while you're driving.
2. Still getting butterflies everytime you call up your S.O.
3. Waking up every morning to someone who loves you.
4. Talking all night, and still never running out of things to say.
5. Saying to yourself every day that you can't believe how lucky you are.
6. Sharing everything from religion to family values to future dreams.
7. Writing and receiving those little notes, emails and texts that get you through the day.
8. Missing someone -- and knowing that you'll be reunited soon.
9. Sharing life with each other -- accomplishments, successes and careers.
10. Having an unlimited amount of encouragement, motivation, support and friendship.

These things just scrape the surface, and I'm sure that the list could go on forever. It really is awesome when you find someone that you click with and connect with on so many levels. What would you add? What are your favorite things about being in love?


  1. #7 is my personal favorite. I just entered a relationship and her and I write notes to one another every day. Actual hand-written notes. It's amazing how much those small gestures mean.

    1. First of all, congratulations! Second, yes I completely agree and it keeps the communication wavelength open even when you can't actually talk to one another!


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