Saturday, October 8, 2011

Barcelona: Day 46 : Returning 'Home' .

Today was an early and rushed breakfast for all of us. It was difficult to drag myself out of bed and get all my things packed up. I had been dreading the day we left Germany, because not only was I really enjoying the country and the cities in Germany, but loving the opportunity to use and listen to the German language. Although I know less German than Spanish, for some reason I feel more comfortable and open to using it and trying to get better. I'd really love to be fluent in German.

It was tough to pick out what to wear for today because although Düsseldorf was a chipper 50 degrees or so, we all knew Barcelona would definitely be much warmer; and at the very least much more humid. The flight was quick and easy, and I got some great pictures of the clouds and mountains and even some of the coast line of Barcelona.

Admittedly, there is something nice about going home. In this case, Barcelona is home. But I'm really going to miss Germany. I'll miss the quiet nights, and the cool crisp air, and the language and just the relaxed vibe. Everything seems so much more intellectual, clean, etc. I really want to go back someday -- and I'm finally feeling inspired to learn the language. Auf wiedersehen für jetzt, Deutschland. Bis einen andere Tag. Time to get back to real life school...

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