Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Barcelona: Day 64 : Dublin-bound .

Tomorrow, after studio and materials, I'm flying to Dublin. I've never been to Ireland before... but it's been #1 on my places to visit for quite a long time. Finally, finally, I get to visit this mystery place that has since the beginning of my birth been so far out of reach. I'm in Europe, and I'm taking advantage of the five day weekend that we have to go and see a place that has been a dream. I am beyond excited.

I remember booking the trip, and thinking it was so far away, and now the day is upon me. I'm not even really packed, and won't be until after class tomorrow because I'm just taking a backpack. I'm praying for good weather, but at the same time I won't complain about a few sprinkles, because hey, that's how Ireland is!

A great deal of this trip is just being able to be there, be in the environment and around the people. Ireland has always been a potential place to live in the back of my mind, and I'm hoping that this trip might help me to decide if I want to live there. It also has opened my eyes to so many other things that are awesome that are in Ireland -- one of them being the Wicklow Way. Picture the Appalachian Trail, and then picture it in Ireland going through some of the most gorgeous countryside and staying at B&B's along the way. Let's just say it's on my to-do list.

So tomorrow, while I'm on my way, please do me a favor and say a prayer for me or two, that everything goes smoothly, that there is good weather and that everything runs according to plan. I can't wait, and I'll update the blog as soon as I can as the days progress! Goodnight from Barcelona!

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