Friday, October 14, 2011

Barcelona: Day 50 : Sticking with it .

There's a guy I follow on Youtube, and his tag name is NicePeter. He's the most genuine person I've seen out there, and he does this thing every monday called the Monday Show... and without fail, no matter how many things he has on his plate, he finds a way to get this show out there on Monday. It's a blessing to be able to always look forward to pick me ups like that. At the end of the show, you always feel better, happier, and you've always got a smile on your face. It's something I look forward to each week.

Like many other people on Youtube, part of the show is that he does a short q&a that people have left. Recently he said that the thing about Youtube is that there's really something to be said for sticking with it.

I feel like if you set out on Youtube making videos with the intent of becoming an internet celebrity, you won't get very far. The thing about these people that have that sort of internet fame is that they enjoy making videos, and have for a very long time! Take it from a kid who knows; videos are tedious. They take forever to edit, a billion takes to get what you want right, and there are so many things that could go wrong with technology along the way. Then Youtube won't let you upload it, or this and that blah blah blah. Long story short, it's a ton of work.

Therefore of course the desire is there in these people. Their audience might have some influence on what they post after they've gained a following over time, but in the beginning, they just put it up there simply because they want to. They're proud of what they've accomplished, and just want the opportunity to share it!

NicePeter mentioned that if you start something, just keep going with it. That maybe one time, you just started doing a video every Monday -- and after awhile, people started picking up on that. And now you have what you call a Monday show. Still, I tip my hat to everyone who has been able to stick with something like that -- it's not easy, especially when videos are so much effort. I have trouble enough keeping up with my blogs... I would never be able to keep up with videos.

Granted, Youtube is only one application. But it doesn't lessen the importance of being able to suck it up and stick with things one bit. It's a great life lesson to learn, and as far as internet personalities go, I'm glad there are still a few uncorrupted, genuinely nice people out there.

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