Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music Monday #39

Without a doubt, this week's song is We Can Make the World Stop by the Glitch Mob.
I'm going to post the video where I originally heard the song, because it's practically better than the actual music video:

When I first started watching this movie, I was already awestruck by the variation and intensity of the sports shown. I love watching stuff that RedBull does in conjunction with GoPro, because it's just so out there. That really appeals to me, and speaks to the risky athletic side in me; I would kill to be able to jump off a cliff or jump into the flying squirrel suit. At some point, I'm definitely going to go skydiving. It's just an experience that can't be missed, for me. GoPro2 also looks absolutely sick, by the way, and if anyone is hunting for expensive gift ideas.... well. I'm going to stop dreaming now.

The song is really sick, it's a mix of a little bit of everything. Electronic, and a nice thick beat, and well, just listen to it. You'll hear what I'm talking about. Enjoy.

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