Friday, October 21, 2011

Barcelona: Day 56 : Just Another Tuesday .

Lyman Frank Baum once said "as long as I know myself to be a coward I shall be unhappy."

Yep, today I'm gonna do another quote blog.

I think that there is a fine line between simply being afraid and being a coward. I have a hunkering that there aren't too many people that go completely through life living in absolute cowardice. There are a lot of things that just take a lot of courage to do. Hell, even walking out your front door in the morning carries a pretty large amount of risk. That's why schizophrenics confine themselves to the home right? Home creates the boundaries of safety. There are no unknowns; it's a controlled environment.

And yet outside our door, there are a great many possibilities of things that could potentially happen. But the thing is, these unknowns are known unknowns. We know that they're out there -- it's just a matter of being able to look them in the eyes when they approach, which is of course easier said than done...

And thus the challenge begins. Living life, doing your best to face your fears and not let them dictate what you do in life. For what should we do when we know the risks? Perhaps sometimes it is better to just ignore it all and leap. Forget about the consequences and just decide based on what your gut says.

I like living life that way. Sometimes I think we spend too much time preparing for things, or trying to outwit the bad things, trying to mold every situation into something that will fit what we are trying to do just right. I think that sometimes you just gotta go for it -- the bad consequences will help you learn from your mistakes, and the good ones, well, who can complain?

Being in Europe has perhaps somewhat opened my eyes. I don't usually do too many spontaneous things, but after all, I'm living in freakin' SPAIN. If there was one time in my life to be spontaneous and do things on a whim, I'd imagine here, would be the place.

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