Sunday, August 12, 2012

i've been slackin' .

Friends, I just want to say I'm sorry for slacking lately. Earlier in the summer I was really on top of my writing -- blogging daily, interesting topics etc. But lately I've let the days slip by without writing, and then catching up on random days where I write four blogs in a row. Maybe I've just been busy, maybe I've been lacking with things to write about, maybe I've just been lazy. But I'm ready to get back on track, and with school right around the corner, I think that's definitely possible. Having work to do motivates me in a weird sort of way.

But here is where I challenge you, my readers. What do you want to hear about? What things are you interested in? I'd love to hear your druthers.


  1. Because this is something I'm facing right now... could you let me into your past and tell me how you found the way to pay for school? Between loans and scholarships... it's a lot to deal with.

    1. Yes absolutely; sorry for the long response I haven't had internet for awhile! I'll write it today!


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