Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Music Monday #82

This week's song is Gold by Owl City.

Yesterday Owl City's new album came out (The Midsummer Station). Now, first, you should know that I NEVER buy music off of iTunes. I hate spending the money and it seems that things are usually overpriced. But this time, I decided I was going to go ahead and drop ten bucks into the pot because I've been following Adam Young for quite some time and it is well worth having his newest work to listen to. Let me just say, I am still amazed yet again. The music is more pop style, which some people have a major issue with. To those, I say that many people who start music and become "mainstream" bring their style with them and it then becomes "mainstream." You can't hate them for that. Secondly, music evolves, and artists change. They aren't always going to produce the same style and type of listening experience. That being said, this album was well worth the ten bucks. I like this song in particular for its lyrics. Enjoy!

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