Tuesday, August 14, 2012

last day of work .

Sunday was my last day of work. I think that no matter how hard you have to work, or how many people you like or dislike there, or how many hours you work per week, you will always miss something about it. I have some pretty good friends I've made at Trump over the years, and it's unfortunate that I won't be seeing them all the time during the week. Even if my last year of school means leaving behind a lot of nonsense, there is always a bit of sadness in my heart when it comes to my last day.

My last day could not have been any more perfect weatherwise. When you work the 12-8pm shift as I did on Sunday, you get a chance to see the club just wind down. There is a sort of silence that takes over and more and more members go home for the day and the golf course just sort of sits in elegance, with the sun setting over its farthest corner. It was truly a gorgeous sight (and one I neglected to take a picture of, for whatever stupid reason).

New beginnings always means the end of something. I don't know if I'll be back next summer working there. In fact, I hope I won't, and that I'll have a job that actually relates to architecture, which is my major. Only time will tell. For now though, I'll just enjoy the few days before I drive back down to school. And this time, I'm going to actually try really hard to keep in touch with the few good friends I have made at work.


  1. I know this feeling- as much as I've disliked some of my past jobs, you're very right- there's still always a few little things to be missed about them.

  2. I have yet to hold a "real" job... I've stuck with babysitting and house cleaning... but I'm going to miss the little ones and being able to help them out. But I take it each time you have to say good bye it doesn't get any easier?

    1. Well, it's not that it's hard, it's just weird to think that you won't see some friends for a very long time. And probably won't talk to them much either, until next summer, and that's only if you go back.

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