Friday, December 3, 2010


The thrill of the competition.

What a adrenaline pump. To be up there, no matter the sport, no matter the setting, or how competitive it is. The joy of victory -- and the disappointment entwined with loss. It must seem silly to those not inclined to participate in athletic activities, that we get so involved in our exercise. But to some it isn't simply exercise.

To some it is their worldly escape.

To others it is their passion.

And to others still, it is there life.

I don't fall into one of those categories, but I must say I love sports (hence the "all day i dream about sports" reference". The interesting thing is that you can invest a ton of time into them, and at the end of the road you have no idea whether it will get you somewhere or nowhere. Sure it's great exercise (unless you're doing something like ping pong...) but there is something about that competition that is just so intoxicating to me. It's like a natural high and when it's a challenge to win, it's even better.

Tonight we played in the intramural volleyball championship. The teams were evenly matched, and every point was a battle. I was loving it, but I knew it would make it a lot harder to win. We battled our way through the first game barely pulling out the win, 25-23, coming back from a 7 or 8 point deficit.

The second game, we struggled -- and lost. The third, was close again, but we had some crucial errors and ended up losing 15-12. Crazy, that we made it that far and ending up losing. Although despite my naturally extreme competitive behavior, I actually wasn't that disappointed. We were all a little off today. I think I only got one serve over the net (and had a lot that were damn close unfortunately). But that's part of the game. Preparing yourself not only physically, but mentally.

A teammate of mine got real frustrated after one particular play and I told him to keep his cool, it was only one point, we'd get the next one. That's one of things I've fought for years -- the ability to control my emotion. I get so wrapped up in the sport that I often get so frustrated with my performance that my skills begin to deteriorate, making me even more frustrated and disappointed in myself. He later thanked me after the game, for reminding him not to lose his cool. I was careful to make sure that I did not lose sight of my goal, but not to get so wrapped up in it that I got frustrated and just slammed the ball. Yeah, we didn't win, but now we have a goal for next year. I know I need to work on my serves. I know I need to practice my hits. But that's the great thing about sports -- you can always better yourself. And when you get there, boy, what a feeling of accomplishment. I love that feeling after i've worked really hard to improve.

It's interesting the vast variety of sports that there are. Individual v. team, big team v. small team, play with your hands v. play with your feet v. play with both. There's pretty much something for everyone out there. But with every single one, there's that general rule -- prepare yourself physically, keep your cool mentally, and always strive to be the best you can be.

What a good rule to apply to life in general, huh? Imagine a world where everyone had such a profound motivation for things that they got them done ahead of schedule, and outdid themselves and the requests of those who they work for, or a professor they have. Funny I should say this, as I sit here in the library blogging instead of actually working on the magazine I have due tomorrow for English class. Even so, where is that motivation, that drive, that desire in my studies? If I'm in the right major, and that's the right career choice, shouldn't it be there? What is it about sports that makes it intoxicating, what is it that gets people so heated about it? On a more practical level, it doesn't even make sense that sports would placed above our daily lives. Think about it -- if we work hard in the work world, we can look forward to a nicer paycheck, a better state of living, a sense of accomplishment, recognition in your field and from your bosses, and yet we still procrastinate endlessly and put off our work to do other things. But sports -- sports include one thing that a job does not: fun. But wait; shouldn't a job be fun if it's what you want to do?

I guess so. I've kinda wandered a bit through all of this, I'm just kinda writing as it comes to my head, sort of stream-of-consciousness-esque. I guess the game tonight just got me to thinking. I would love to apply that drive and inspiration to what I'm doing in school. I'm sure I'll get there, it's just a matter of time. But for now; why not try to find that one thing that blows your mind and no matter what you do, you can't get enough of it -- I can pretty much guarantee a fulfilling life if you find that one thing.

And on that note, I bid you adieu, in order to finish this project. Last day of classes tomorrow! Pretty dang excited, I'm ready for a break.

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