Tuesday, December 21, 2010

weather phenomena .

It's no secret that there are some things in the universe that simply cannot be explained. Some things just seem to be magic, despite the fact they are most likely purely scientific.

Take for example, the northern lights (aurora borealis). They create a shimmering shower of colored light that flickers and dances across the sky. It's unreal. Let's look at something a bit simpler -- snow, for instance. It has to be the perfect temperature to form, too cold or too warm won't let it happen. And somehow the cold from the upper atmosphere lasts all the way down as it floats slowly towards the earth like a leaf falling from a tree. The silence that comes with snow, and how the clouds seem to blanket the sky.

There are the natural disasters, like the way a tornado wreaks havoc along a path leaving behind a trail of destruction, with a roar like a train passing by. The hurricanes, as they spin rapidly, hurtling along coasts, picking up steam, and eventually fizzling out. A tidal wave, triggered by the movement of the earth's tectonic plates below the ocean. A wall of water traveling in all directions.

And no matter what happens, there is nothing we can do to stop these things, or start them for that matter. The weather, is the weather. All you can do is prepare yourself before you walk outside.

Which brings me to what I'm actually getting at here; tonight there is a lunar eclipse. the article I found out about it is here . Granted, relative to the time that these sorts of things occur compared to the life of earth is peanuts (300 years or so compared to 4 billion) but to us, it's clear that these things are a once in a lifetime opportunity. I already missed the solar eclipse that happened earlier this year, and I remember being really bummed that I did. So, in the spirit of living it up for the weather, I will be staying up until a not so unusual late time to catch the lunar eclipse tonight. Should be pretty sweet! I'm excited, at least. It's always neat to see things that are just occurring in nature all on their own that are amazing, or puts you in awe, or beautiful.

If you know me, you know I'm a fanatic for sunrises and sunsets. I took a billion pictures of sunrises this summer and of just the sky looking beautiful, since I had to get there by 530am at the latest. Unfortunately I had to restore my phone and I lost all of the pictures that I took -- but at least I still have the memories, and if I work the same job again this summer, I look forward to being able to see that gorgeous sky every morning.

There's something that is just awesome about seeing all of those things -- maybe it's because it all happens on its own, and maybe it's because it just looks pretty. Whatever the reason though, I hope it never stops. If we ever get to the point where we have polluted our planet to the point where there is only a layer of smog in the sky, that will be quite a disappointing day. So I pray that day never comes, and for now, celebrate the great visual feats that happen around me.

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