Wednesday, July 18, 2012

at the edge .

And yet here we stand together at the edge,
and maybe the horizon doesn't look as bright as we want it to.
But that doesn't mean it won't work; that doesn't mean it can't.
I've never felt more alive and that's not something I found one day;
It's from you.
It's like being able to lie down in the back of the old pickup and gaze up at the stars.
And seeing them, knowing I'll never have to wonder where you are.
Because no matter the distance, near or far, I'll always have the memory of you in my arms.
Whatever we decide, we decide together.
Two paths hath come together, and maybe someday soon will become one;
a single stripe left on the face of society. A single, brilliant stripe,
dazzling in the way it sparkles and shines, polished like gold, yet strong like our
metaphorical rocks that hold it together.
Slowly we build a foundation, that will one day hold a great house.
We carefully pour the mortar and take our time with the masonry,
so that it can withstand any sort of calamity the heavens throw at us.
This is not a broken cold-hearted world. This is one with warmth,
and most of all, togetherness.


  1. : ) ah, how nice... like in love poem! Like it!

    BTW, not sure if it's my eyes, or you have changed the background or what... it is getting harder and harder to read you blog... either change the background to darker black... or make the font whiter / bigger!

    Shouldn't be my eyes, just had them checked...

    : ) x

    1. Will do! I always read others' blogs in Google Reader -- you don't see all the pizazz and backgrounds and such but it's easy to read no matter the font and colour. I will change it though!


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