Sunday, July 8, 2012

beginnings and endings .

For many summer time is one of the greatest times of the year. For me, it's an odd part of the year, because it's simply the few months that bridge the gap from one year to the next. School year, that is. As much as I like not having to go to class and all the other nonsense and stress that takes place during school, I must admit that sometimes being around all the people my age is preferable to living under someone else's roof. Things are just different at college, as my brother will soon find out when he starts VT.

I have never really attempted to start any really big projects during summer, whether it be something at home or a new close friendship with someone or more... mainly because in the back of my head, there is always that sinking knowledge that if you do hit it off, I will soon be 800 miles away from New Jersey. This unchangeable fact that be awfully disheartening and really put a damper on the sunshine of summer.

And so beginnings often turn into endings during my summers. You forget about all the people from school and they forget about you for the time being, as we all go our separate ways for those warm months where we work our asses off trying to somehow make enough money to last through 9 months of the year -- including enough for beer, fast food, and other random things you find yourself buying at Walmart at 4am.

But this summer feels slightly different. While it may have began in apathy and expected nothingness, there are new things on the horizon and the flowers have blossomed. I'm filled with optimism for the first time in a long time, and this has spurred a bond that I hope will not break and will endure the stresses of time, distance and other obstacles. This year, things will be different. Why? Because I'm determined to make it that way.

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