Sunday, July 29, 2012

power outage .

Last night we had a wicked storm that rolled through, and around 10:30 or so we lost power. It's the weirdest thing when you lose power, because you realize just how much you take everything for granted. Everything that you think of doing at home pretty much requires power -- TV, anything on the computer, Playstation, even reading a book because you need to turn a light on (though my mother was determined and proceeded to keep reading with a flashlight). It humbles you to a point where you regress to a time when there were no lights, no electricity. When it got dark outside, you either stayed up by candlelight or just went to bed until it was light outside again. We now have much more freedom in terms of what we want to do, assuming the power is on.

But when the power does happen and everything turns black, I am now very okay with it. I went and laid down in the sunroom (which is oddly enough the best place to be during storms because of the skylights and all the windows) where I could just listen and watch the storm. I ate some cheese, and thought about opening some wine, but never got around to it. Eventually I just went to bed.

I really don't mind rain or storms; I like driving in them and I love the sound of rain with the windows open (as long as there's not water pouring into the house because no one wants a flooded home). It gives you a chance to completely unplug and let your mind wander, and you can just ease yourself along and unwind until you go to bed.

Unfortunately I didn't realize that my room's lights were on full blast, so when the power came back on my brother and I awoke very sharply and unpleasantly to lights in our face at around 4am. But hey, it is what it is. Was still awesome to watch the storm!

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