Friday, July 6, 2012

heart to hearts .

Heart to hearts are the best. It doesn't matter who you have them with. It could be a friend, a sibling, a love interest, or (while never in my case) a parent. It lets you find out who people really are. It opens your eyes, and brings you closer together. Strands of friendship weave themselves together into a tight knit blanket of looking out for each other, and being there for one another. Relationships improve and you understand more. Asking questions provokes thoughtful answers, and ignorance soon yields knowledge. Some people just get it. These are necessary -- these are one of the best things about life. Sharing, is trusting, is knowing. Sharing with someone, a special someone; sharing a part of yourself that quite possibly no one ever knew before. And that, friends, is something truly special.


  1. you're so optimistic, it's awesome.

    Heart to hearts really are awesome, they're always the sign that you're found another great friend.

    1. very true. and sometimes more than a great friend!


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