Monday, July 23, 2012

golf mondays .

Today I found time to actually go golfing (for only the third time this season unfortunately). I went with Tom from work, and must say it is always a pleasure to go golfing with him. We created what we call the Triple H, which is Hominy Hill and Huddy's. I rarely ever go to bars, so it's always great to get a chance to just go grab a couple beers (BOGO at Huddy's with a golf card, which is great) and just talk about everything.

I've always found that I get along much better with people way older than I am. Tom has quite a few years on me, and yet we can talk about just about anything. I could start rattling off specific topics, but at the end of the day, we just talk about life... where I'm going, what I'm doing, things he's learned in life.

Going out to play golf always gives you some time to think, which is nice, but being able to go and talk about people who have walked at least partway around the block in life is really nice. It's interesting to hear a different perspective, to hear advice and try to just gain little tidbits here and there.

I'm hoping that the Golf Mondays routine becomes a tradition, and while I know we'll have plenty of other times to shoot the shit and just enjoy the life that's been given to us. We are miles apart in age and many other ways... but we connect on a lot of levels.

Sure is crazy where you find the closest friends.

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