Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Boy and a Starfish .

There are so many people out there that believe that the little things they do don't make a difference, and that reminds me of a great story that is one of those slick little moral stories that actually teach you something. If you're unfamiliar, don't you worry; I'm about to retell it.

An old man walks along the beach, seeing the tons of starfish that washed up on the shore. He shook his head, knowing that they would die. The old man was jaded and cynical, having lost hope and faith in the general population of society. As he walked, he came across a young boy, who was picking up the starfish and throwing them back in the water. Puzzled, he said to the boy, "Why do you even bother? They are washing up faster than you can throw them back in. It doesn't make a difference."

The boy stopped for a moment and looked into the eyes of the old man. He then promptly stooped over, picked up a starfish, and heaved it back into the water. "It sure made a difference to that one," he flatly replied.

How cool is that story. We can make a difference. And even if it's just another drop in the ocean, the ocean is still now one drop fuller. Little things make a difference, whether it's a smile, or a thank you, or  helping someone out in the tight spot. It's important to never forget the actual difference you can truly make. Make a difference for someone today -- you'll feel really good about it.

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  1. Gotta admit, that's a pretty cool story. I love what it teaches us...it made a difference to that "one" starfish...and that's what matter. Thanks for sharing Greg.


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