Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do You Portray Yourself Accurately Online?

For those of us who regularly interact with various outlets of social media, it's important to remember the kind of person you're portraying online. Yes, it's possible that sometimes you want to just mess around and not portray yourself. Or, even worse, you might want to hide the person you really are (it's amazing the homework potential employers do, stalking you on Twitter and Facebook and everything else under the sun to find out the "real" you). Even on Blogger, some people choose to conceal their real identities. Whatever their reasons are, that works for them. But for someone like me, I'd like to think that I am equally as much me on my blogger platform as I am in real life. Though sometimes, we might just portray a more cheerful attitude here, or something that is more friendly than we might be in real life.

I'm not sure why that is. It's possible that being more friendly means that we will, inevitably make more friends, or gain more followers, or gain some more interwebs rep. After all, who wants to read someone's stories that are constantly morbid, whiny internal monologues spewed out on a page? Everyone has their ups and downs and it's really cool that a lot of people are more than willing to share everything from joy to tears and everything in between. It's cool being a part of others' lives, if only through reading their stories. It's sweet getting a comment from Twiggy in Beaufort, or smiling after reading about the best part of Angie-from-Toronto's day, or sitting and pondering Keith-from-Kentucky's latest words of wisdom. I hear about the deer (and see loads of pictures too!) from Dave, I read about the best places in Colorado to ride a Harley from Steve, and realize that even forgotten places like Oklahoma can be beautiful, thanks to Carlotta. Also, huge shoutout to my other Canadians, The Management (whose name I promised I'd keep a secret, what a poop she is) and her ginger man (love you both). There's the adventures of Lainie and Jackson, told by the entertaining Sarah from Arizona (????), and the poems and haikus of Stephanie from Pennsylvania. There really are so many people out there, all with their own stories, and their own exciting adventures. 

Of course, if these stories aren't really who we are, then we've created an entire false world for ourselves. Yet I have a feeling, that these stories and people are about as real as it gets. And I applaud all of you for that. Keep doing what you're doing, friends. I'm loving every minute.


  1. Damn Greg...this was BOSS. I do enjoy the inter-connectedness that we all find through our blogs. I do feel as if many of us have gotten to know each other and became friends. I feel that, for the most part, our blogs are representing who we are. After all, our writing is an extension of ourself in many ways.

  2. Here, here! I can't help but be authentic. I'm too lazy to pretend to be somebody else. Ha!


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