Friday, January 25, 2013

Two Wheel Road Trippin' .

My current studio project entails that we design a museum with inspiration from the Blue Ridge Mountain Range. My professor wanted us to get out there and really experience that escarpment feeling, with Dupont Forest in mind (but she said we didn't have to necessarily go there, as it's an hour and a half away). She wants us to experience cliffs and mountain sides, steep slopes and breathtaking views. That is to be done this weekend, sort of on our own time. So me, knowing full well that Dupont Forest contains some of the best mountain biking trails in the area, with rock gardens, entirely rock trails among moss, bridges and fast single track with some good climbs. It was a perfect opportunity!

I've rallied with the troops and despite the distance, and I think I'll have a decent number of guys to go mountain biking. I seriously can't wait; it's been a long time since I've been out in the woods with nothing but the hum of your chain and the crackle of tires over roots and branches. It's nerve-racking sometimes, but at the same time so, so exhilarating. So that's happening on Saturday; a short little day trip to Dupont Forest up near Brevard, NC. Leave in the morning, return by dusk. I'll take some video and see if I can't post that here. Have a great Friday tomorrow!


  1. Two birds: one stone. That sounds like it will be epic my friend.

    p.s. do you have a new background or am I just now noticing it??

    1. Nothing gets past you Keith, you are absolutely right. New background is a photo I took while in Oslo, Norway, it's in the entrance foyer of the Oslo Opera House, designed by Snøhetta


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