Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Penny Pinchers .

There are a good number of people on blogger that write about ways to save money, or just not spending on things you don't need and things like that. Out of curiosity, I always wondered I could save if I really took it to the extreme and didn't actually have any money to spend, outside of bare necessities. Over the past few weeks, I didn't have to wonder anymore... because I had no choice.

With bills for school due, rent, Christmas gifts, bills for the house, travel expenses, food to buy, textbooks to purchase, there really has not been a lot of breathing room lately. Add on top of that that I didn't get to work at my usual place this winter because they are having financial issues of their own, and you get one very broke college student.

With the bills piling up, I worried. I have no problem being generous and spending the money on other people. In fact I love giving gifts at Christmas time, but receiving them is not as enjoyable anymore. When I was a child, looking back, I was very selfish and only cared about what I got. I used to wake up so early to go check out all the gifts and hope I would have the biggest box out there. I wish I could buy the moon for some people, but sometimes it's just not possible. I do the best I can, sometimes making things, and hope that that will mean more than something bought at a store.

Anyways, with the new semester beginning, I feel that I'm already behind financially. I didn't do too much on purpose this winter break so that I could save money. I feel bad telling relatives that money they gave to me for Christmas is going towards rent, bills or gas for my truck. On top of that, my truck just had a thousand dollar repair (don't buy an Xterra if you want a hell of a time replacing the oil pan...).

And so I'm wondering how much I can truly save this semester. I know there will be some larger expenses, but I've always ended up sort of coming out even or in the negative over the years. Maybe this year will be the difference. I'm really going to try to cook meals instead of boxed meals, carpool for gas, combine trips, really think about what I'm doing. Penny pinching it may be, but I'd rather have something left over to start the next chapter of life with a little bit in my account for grad school. Lord knows, I'm going to need the money.

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