Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Last First Day .

Tomorrow is the day we all dread publicly, but secretly look forward to: the first day of class. Now, semesters obviously are much shorter than years, and it's always nice to have time in between them, but to be honest I don't do very much in between the semesters. While we all hate working, we all hate deadlines, and we all hate those late nights with not enough sleep, life is simply boring without anything to do. There is no purpose, no goals, nothing to strive for, nothing really gets accomplished.

I must admit, I was a bit of a bum during break, but a large part of that was having the opportunity to spend time with my lady friend, and that time is priceless. I'm totally okay with being a bum if it means spending time together. And yes, I had to work on applications, and yes, I had to work on portfolios (though I somehow managed to avoid all of that until yesterday), and yes I had things I could do, the key word being "could".

Breaks are for just that: getting a break. But I think secretly, or perhaps at this point not so secretly, we miss the schedules, the busy-ness. I have to say, this time around I got very used to having meals made for me, sleeping late, etc. It's something that really felt weird doing all of that for myself again over the past day. Sometimes, it feels lonely here, but I make an effort to always eat meals with people while I'm at school and I have really met a lot of great people here. I remember back when I first came to college and it felt so strange to me to have that amount of independence: you want to go somewhere, do it. You want to eat something, eat it. You keep yourself on your class schedule and keeping up with the workload all depends on you. But I think that's a really good thing: learning how to survive on your own, keep yourself up to date and not fall behind in daily life. It's a very valuable life skill, both in one's personal life and in the business world.

Tomorrow, is the last first day of class, for undergrad, and that's pretty crazy. I can hardly believe I'll be graduating in a few months. That I studied a semester in Europe and came back a year ago. Where does the time go? Nostalgia sometimes just winds you up and takes over. And so I'm excited for the final semester to commence. It means new opportunities, new challenges, new chances to prove myself, both personally and to the world. It means setting goals and meeting them, and getting back up and dusting myself off and trying again when I fail. Bring it on, Clemson. We've got one more round yet before the fight is over.


  1. Exciting time. I remember being so happy when I entered my last semester as an undergrad. Now if I can only finish grad school!

    Are you going to grad school?

    1. Yes sir, in architecture if you wanted to become licensed it's pretty much mandatory. I'm not positive where yet, but I'm applying to five schools (UWashington, UOregon, UC Denver, UCLA and Virginia Tech) and should hear about those in the middle of the semester or so!


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