Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Avid Blogger Award .

So I know that the Liebster Award is something that quite often goes around and is a great boost to confidence and a fun thing to do. But I decided to create an award of my own: the Avid Blogger Award. This award is for those people that always write interesting posts, always keep in touch, always comment on your material and are just incredibly active on Blogger.

I'm going to give this to two bloggers I know; the first is Keith over at Musings of an Unapologetic Dreamer , and the other is Angie over at The Best Part of My Day.

They have both always been incredibly supportive, they comment often, I've even gotten mail and Christmas cards and gifts from Angie. Pretty awesome that that sort of friendship can begin on the internet, and here on Blogger. It just goes to show the great people that are out there and I think that just seeing this sort of encouragement and reality is inspiring and really can lift a person up.

There aren't really too many rules to this award, but here's how it'll work:

1. Write a post about how you got started on Blogger or where you got the idea for a blog from, what inspires you to write (your muse of sorts), and what your favorite thing about Blogger is.

2. Nominate other people as you see fit, someone who you find always comments, inspires you, and touches you in some way.

3. You can't nominate the person who gave it to you!

That's it!

Let's see if we can really get this award moving and give recognition to those out there who really do go above and beyond. You guys are awesome, congratulations.


  1. Greg, you humble me kind sir. Thank you as always for your wonderful comments and support. It actually means a lot. Your blog is actually one of the ones I've bene following the longest. I was only about a month into blogging when I discovered yours. Again, my sincerest thanks and gratitude sir for your award.

    1. Give yourself some credit too, you've put in the time and effort! Congratulations.

  2. This is so great, Greg. Really. If we don't all get together soon for coffee...or wait a minute...a drink...I just might burst! A girl can dream, right?Cheers to you for recognizing us. It really makes all the difference in the world.


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