Saturday, January 19, 2013

Comments & Interactions .

As a blogger, one of the greatest things out there is knowing that people regularly take the time to read what you have to say. For me it's my thoughts that people are reading. It's my heart and soul that I pour out onto the page, and for whatever reason, that's worth something to people. And that means the world. But even better, being a blogger means connecting. It means meeting and interacting; it means starting to design the most beautiful web that an internet spider could weave. It means knowing friends from Ontario, British Columbia, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Colorado and more. According to my blogger stats, there have been readers from all over the world, including Russia, India, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and all over Europe. That kind of thing blows my mind.

But do you know what thing feeds the blogger mind the most? Interaction. Comments, opinions, ideas, thoughts, discussion. This is way bigger than a few writers and readers. This is a movement. A revolution. The beginning of a family of people currently unintroduced. I'm excited for the future. If you write now, keep writing. If you don't, I highly recommend you start. And if you are simply a shadow of an observer, put yourself out there. Be known. Share your opinion. Facilitate discussion. Build bridges of friendship, and spread yourself and your spirit.

One day, I'm going to make an effort to meet you all. I can't wait to see and hear the people behind the wonderful words presented here monthly, weekly, daily. I can't wait to see vibrance in their eyes and hear excitement in their voices. That wonderful day has yet to come, but it brings a certain luster of promise.


  1. It's like having many pen friends...and you write to all at once, and they say hi back with their replies... and that in itself is a prompt to write more... Happy writing to us all! x

    1. Exactly! Like one bit conversation on the internet :)

  2. Here, here! Blogger unites us cheesy as that may sound.

  3. This post speaks to why I love blogging so much. It brings us into contact with people from all over the world and that is truly an amazing thing. It's kind of neat how our blogs allow us to meet people we otherwise would have never crossed paths with. It's also amazing to develop friendships across the miles. Wonderful ode to blogging Greg.


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