Monday, June 24, 2013

"About Me ."

Define yourself in a short phrase. Tell us all about yourself in a few short sentences. Somehow, find a way to convey friendly, optimistic, compassionate, loving and more in those few words. The definition of concise, maybe? Pretty wild stuff.

I've recently started up a few new networking profiles, on and Google Plus, specifically to try to boost some connections in the architectural community. I've previously wrote an average-lengthed 'about me' section on LinkedIn, but should I just copy and paste it? About me sections are not easy to write. Because it's true -- you want to say so much, but not so much that someone can't be bothered to read it. Maybe Twitter hit the mark. In a world where no one wants to spend too much time on any one thing, Twitter makes you be concise. Either that or it just makes you talk about stupid things like what you ate for breakfast.

What sorts of things do you think about before writing an about me? How does that change depending on whether the account is for personal versus professional reasons? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. I tend to stress what is important for the job, if I'm writing an About Me for writing then I'll talk about my blog and how I "specialize" in haiku. (I don't know if specialize is quite the word I'm looking for, "obsessed" may be a better option there...) If I'm writing it for photography, I'll talk about my education and the work that I've sold. If it's for personal, I'll go with what I feel in the moment. Good luck!

  2. Short and sweet. That's always the route I take. I figure people are busy and they don't have much time to read this stuff. But that's just me...
    Hey - did my card arrive?

    1. It sure did! It's on my list to write back soon so keep an eye out!

  3. i'm not the person when it comes to write 'about me'. i always take it short usually. especially in professional page. so, when you find a long 'about me' page i write about myself, you know that i'm not sober.


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