Sunday, June 16, 2013

Car Mods .

Lately I've been on this trip to make some modifications to my truck. Whether it's paint or accessories or replacements, I've spent a lot of time doing research to figure out what I wanted that is within my budget. Recently the boxes have been coming in and so when I can, I go out and do some work on the truck.

First thing I started with was my horn -- the stock one is more an "excuse me, I'm coming through..." and I was really looking for more of a "GET THE F*** OUT OF MY WAY" sound, if you catch my drift. I ended up buying a two-tone air horn from Wolo, which not only gave my horn the sound of a semi truck, but also cranked up the volume from about 90 dB to around 125. The horns were intended to be mounted on the roof, but I decided I wanted them in the grille, and so thankfully my dad was around to help me figure out how the heck to do that (it wasn't exactly easy, took us four long nights of work to get it all squared away). However, now the compressor is mounted, horns solid, wiring clean, and I'm loud as ever. Just today I spray painted my grille black while it was off the car, and also put in some new interior lights.

More stuff is on the way, but the point I'm working towards here is that this sort of thing is a big accomplishment for me. While I know quite a bit about handyman operations around the house, I'm certainly no grease-monkey. As much as I'd love to be a mechanical expert and always do all my own work on my truck and whatever else, I'm just not good at that stuff. I am making an effort though and it's so awesome when you get all the wires squared away and turn the car on and stuff works! Needless to say there will almost certainly be times when you turn everything on and nothing works the way you want it to, which basically turns into you testing every wiring connection for hours.

In this case, I actually did all my interior lighting work in about two or three hours, which for me, is huge. I'm really enjoying the work on the car and look forward to more! It's really going from an Xterra in a sea of many, to my own personal little work of art.

How bout you guys, any grease monkeys out there?

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