Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer: A Season for Love?

I've been paying attention to the posts that have been getting the most traffic lately, and three of the top viewed posts this month are chemistry, secrets to being a good kisser, and dating tips for girls from a guy. Immediately my mind jumps to the cheesy (getting ready for the flack for this next statement) Grease musical where they sing Summer Lovin'.

But maybe it's true! There are loads of people out there that are obsessed with summer, and being in better moods, perhaps they are more outgoing and looking for love! Though maybe not actually "love" persay... and just flings. Who knows. Regardless, I found the info interesting.

Personally, I'm a winter fan. I'm a spring fan. I'm even a fall fan. But I detest summer. It's hot. It's humid. It's loaded with traffic of people going to the beach. It means I'm usually working at a job that I don't really enjoy. It means kids out of school and crawling all over every store everywhere. Am I sounding like I'm an 80 year old crackpot yet? Mission accomplished.

But seriously. I love winter. Snowboarding. And for that matter, snow! Mountain biking. A burning feeling that stings on the way down your throat and into your lungs as you inhale the first frigid air of the season. Fires in the fireplace, snuggling up warm and enjoying the quieter things in life. Hot chocolate, waking up early and seeing the warmth of the sun as it raises. And of course the appearance of the Orion constellation (my favorite one!). I even love the shadows the barren trees cast on the ground as the sun rises.

Many people think of winter and think cold, barren, dead, and lifeless. For me? It's the most full of life I can possibly be. I think I'm just an old soul.

Anyways, what do you guys think? Is summer really a season for love? What fun things do you have planned out for this summer?


  1. I prefer the fall over any other season, bonfires, pumpkin spice coffee, beginning to bundle up... But that's beside the point. I've fallen victim to the results of thinking about and pursuing summer love and it's never ended well. Personally, I'd rather go through summer on my own or end up spending it with someone that I met from school; it's about having something that'll last with someone I can actually be with.

  2. I am in total agreement with Stephanie. For me, fall is the most romantic of the seasons. Summer may be the most pasisonate, but fall is the true season of romance.

  3. i love fall,
    i love the ambiance, the decoration, etc. as i live in tropical country and in Bali in particular, everyday is summer here.


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