Monday, June 3, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 22 - Andrew M

Andrew was one of those people that I always knew but never got to really know until later in my college career. A quiet guy but a great designer, Andrew is a really stand up guy who I really respect. He was in my sophomore year studio for both semesters (I think) and really thrived despite the workload and high expectations. He also was known for always being able to finish his work without pulling all-nighters, which some of us still don't even have figured out...

This past year, Andrew and I took a few classes together and became quite close. We got in the habit of going to lunch together and chatting, a luxury that soon began to really look forward to all the time. Being able to take a break from your work and go and grab lunch and just talk about life and studio and everything in between is time well spent in my eyes.

Andrew did the long distance relationship thing, too, kinda. He dated a girl who went to school a few hours away, so never really had a chance to see his lady during the week. I've been there and that of course means sacrifices in your personal life and your work, to make things go smoothly. Mad respect for that too.

I'll be living with one of Andrew's good friends from studio (and one of my friends of course too) in Oregon and Andrew and I have joked about Skyping so that we can still have our lunches. I think that would actually be pretty cool, to be honest!

This month, Andrew will be getting married and this fall he'll be going to NC State for graduate school. I'm happy for him, and really hope that we'll be able to keep in touch. He is one of the most practical and down to earth people that I know. His soft personality and undying friendship will always mean a lot. Best of luck, buddy.

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