Thursday, June 6, 2013

on Drumming .

When I first got my drum set, never would I have expected that years down the road I would be so into it. Because of how big it is and how many pieces there are, I've never been able to bring my drums with me to school. Even if I could have and did, I still would have driven everyone within 3 floors of me nuts... unless I had an electric set (which seems to be the solution for many people who live in apartments these days).

Now here I am, drumming almost daily, learning songs, teaching myself more tricks, building up an endurance and finesse (not to mention callouses), and I am probably better now than ever. As it turns out, I auditioned for a band a while back, and they seemed to really like my playing and what I could do, and so we're now practicing the song set and preparing for some gigs.

Though I have always thought it would be awesome to be a part of a band, I never had the opportunity to actually play in a band that was actually serious about stuff. I messed around with some guys, I've recorded my own stuff (not drums though, really ever. I don't have the mics for it) and I've dabbled every so often in the basement. I now find myself listening to drums more than anything else when I listen to music, and envision how I would go about playing it on my own kit.

Though I don't plan on dropping a lot of cash on new gear just yet, I'm already excited about adding some small new additions to enhance what I can do, given the songs we are practicing. I'll try to keep people posted on gigs.

On a quick side note before I sign off tonight, I have been contacted by a few of the people I wrote recognition posts for. The messages contain utter grace, thankfulness etc. It's so great that you can make people feel so good, and so worth it with just a few words. What a difference it makes! I'm so glad I wrote that down, and even more thankful that those people found their way to those posts. Thank me all you want, but honestly, thank you for being the people that you are!


  1. Hopefully you'll have a gig when I'm home and I can come see you! I don't think I've ever heard you drum... just play guitar at that candlelight vigil where we first met!

    1. By then I imagine we will! I'll keep you posted!


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