Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Most Frustrating Yoga Ever

After last week spent on vacation, it's been a little tougher getting back into my workout routine. I had intended to do a lot of foam rolling and such last week, but only ended up doing it once. Such is life... and I really enjoyed the vacation, so that's good. This week, I did my yoga routine and man, it sucked. For a workout where you are supposed to clear your mind and really focus, I lost it. I got so frustrated at how difficult everything was -- especially since I started it up again six weeks ago and had already made considerable progress.

Ain't that the worst? When you finally get somewhere with your workouts and then lose it? Physically, it's not as bad to get it back. Mentally and otherwise, it's impossible. I guess that's all the more reason to not give up on a workout or let it slip by the wayside in the first place. Like biking, or anything else physically and exercise related, if you don't do it regularly, you're going to lose your abilities so fast. It could take you months to get to a specific point and then you could lose it in a week.

The amazing thing was how much of an impact my lack of focus and mental concentration had on my physical ability during that short hour and a half. Falls and imbalances and all kinds of crap, and there I am, totally losing my focus, and getting beyond frustrated.

Somehow I did actually make it to the end. But I sure as hell hope that I end up doing better next week. Just gotta work that much harder.

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