Monday, June 3, 2013

Recognition Series: pt. 24 - Tyler M

I didn't want to end this wonderful series on a gloomy note, so there is one last person I want to talk about. Though I haven't known this fellow for too long, he has been there through it all. He's one of the first people I think of to get in touch with if I'm struggling with something (after my brother), and he always has a very practical perspective that brings you back to reality from your blinded notions. Grounded, I guess is a good way to put it.

He has always opened his ears and his home to me. Whenever I'm upset, he'll listen to all the nonsense that I spew. He'll accompany me to church, even though he doesn't go himself. He is all the things that you look for in that perfect friend. Laid back, but hardworking. Pensive, introspective, yet aware of all that's happening around him. He's as close to being a brother as you can get without sharing blood.

Tyler is the only person that has adamantly told me that no matter what, he'll make it out to Oregon at some point to come visit me. The cool thing is, I know he's telling the truth. Some people will say stuff or promise things that they may not follow through on. But I have no doubt in my mind that I'll find myself driving to Portland Airport at some point over the next two years to get him as he walks off a plane.

This summer he has undertaken a research opportunity in Japan, and will be there for quite some time (I wanna say that the program is 8 weeks or so?). What a huge accomplishment and I'm really proud of him. It's people like him that make me wish I would come back and see off the class below me on their graduation day, but alas I will still be studying in Oregon (our school year doesn't end until the end of June).

Tyler will always be one of my best buddies, I have no doubt about that. I look forward to hearing from him often and reading his life's adventures on his blog, Inner Ramblings of a Fellow Human Being.

And with that said, the Recognition Series comes to a close. There are countless people who have touched me in various ways over the past four years, and some more than others, so I just gave you guys those who made the most impact. I've really enjoyed looking back on all the people over the years, and I maybe I'll do this again after I graduate from Oregon. It's a great way to remember for sure. Thank you as always for your attentive and vigilant returns back to my blog, and feel free to stick around for more!


  1. I'd be lying if I said that you didn't have an equivalent or even greater influence on my life. The bro talks and time shared in Clemson will be but the beginning of an amazing friendship.


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