Wednesday, June 5, 2013

on Photography .

Ever since I got to the end of my recognition series, I've been thinking about things I want to write about. I often have a lot of ideas that pass through as I go through my day, and usually I write these down but today I just forgot. My mind wandered and my thoughts scattered themselves, as if acorns in leaves, and I just drew blanks as I looked at the draft I was trying to finish. And so what I normally do, is to just start writing. And just like that, boom: idea.

I think that pictures are amazing. Until photography, memories were all you had to treasure those parts of your life that were absolutely extraordinary. Even more amazing is the ability to absolutely freeze a moment in time. To keep it there, in its perfection, save for the aging effect that happens as the white paper turns to yellow and image loses its vivid hues. The thing I love most is how you not only capture a scene, a person or a view. You capture emotion. You capture feelings. You capture a forlorn look in your subject's eye, or carefree laughter. You can see joy, compassion, understanding and love. You can see trust. You can see hurt. How is it that a frozen a moment, a fleeting instance in time, can hold so much? Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Absolutely not. It's worth hundreds of thousands.

But was the art of imagery-enriched writing lost with the advent of cameras? Perhaps not. After all, before cameras you could have yourself put into a painting. Albeit more expensive and much more time-consuming, painting maybe started the movement. And look, now here we are dropping thousands on new equipment, lenses and the like. Just like old times, eh?

Photography has and is still becoming an art - frame rates, lighting, it is a talent that involves capturing that which already exists, but is not noticed. And then bringing that focal point to life, pushing your viewers to see something a certain way. Though I am no expert on the field, so for those of you out there who are, perhaps you'd like to chime in now...

I don't consider myself a photographer. I don't own a DSLR or any other type of nice camera. In fact ever since my swan dived into the beach, I don't own any camera. It's one of those many things I dip my feet into. Architects are often described as being very mediocre at a seriously broad spectrum of things. They have an idea of structure, but can't do the math. They can draw, but they are not artistic perfectionists (just architectural perfectionists -____-). They can place things and organize program in a building, but they surely aren't interior designers either. And so here I am, already filling the mold before I'm even involved in my field. Wanting to do photography, music, a band, weightlifting, biking, blogging, writing letters and more (speaking of which... ahh, I'll mention it at the end). I'm quickly realizing you can't possibly fit it all in. Not in the way you want to. But I refuse to believe that and I still try.

Back to photography. If you do such a thing for a living, bravo to you. Your creative knowledge and expertise shines through in everything you post (seriously). Maybe it's because I'm so detail-oriented, but I find myself able to catch little nuances here and there. Not well, but occasionally, yes. I suppose at the end of the day, starting is as easy as picking up a camera and pressing the same little button located on the upper right corner. The flash illuminates, the shutter closes, and you've got yourself a jumping-off point.


  1. I love taking pictures. Having a DSLR has kinda changed my life. I know you'll get one one day ;-)

    1. haha believe me the desire is there! the finances are simply absent for the time being

  2. I love taking pictures too. I haven't got myself a DSLR too. maybe one day.

  3. Last summer when I got my Canon Rebel XTI changed my life... I bought it used with a couple of accessories and I have yet to have a problem with it *knock on wood*. But on July 17, 2012 (I had to dig through my FB to find it) a friend of mine really put it in perspective:

    "A thought just occurred to me. Since many people assume that one who takes good pictures must have an expensive camera, the logical correlation must be that those who are good writers must have an expensive pen."

    Just something to keep in mind(:

    1. Haha I like that, that's funny; I decided to buy a used replacement of my old digital camera. the other ones are just too big to carry!


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