Friday, January 13, 2012

active listeners .

I've only been blogging for a short amount of time (one year or so) but I've already noticed there is a big difference in those who read blogs. There are, in my eyes, several types of people...

The first are active bloggers. They write often, they comment, and they really truly take advantage of the blogging community that is all around them. I've experienced interaction with a few of these, and try to look for other people that I can actively follow. At first, I kind of decided that I just wanted to be one of those people that would read without interacting. Maybe it was paranoia of the internet world, since you can rapidly become vulnerable to the tragedies that befall those whose information and location fall into the wrong hands. But I think that if we cut out all communication that we lose a great deal of opportunity to get to know a fantastic community of compositional enthusiasts. I'm glad I've reached out. And I'm glad that there are people out there all across the world that are willing to do the same. You know who you are.

Then there are passive bloggers. They write, because they love writing. Because they love getting their thoughts down, because they just need a place to empty their mind. And these people will go through life never having experienced the community if people that are out there for them to turn to and share their hobby with. That's okay, I just feel like they're missing out on so much more. But if they are content with   just sharing things to themselves, that's nice.

Then there are the listeners. I used to be one of them. The people who read, and just sit behind their screen, in their own world. They can look through the window, and they can see the lives of others spilled out onto the page. But they probably won't interact. I understand that. Don't want to be involved, don't have the time to invest, etc. Whatever the reason.

Sometimes I wonder who's out there. I wonder who's reading. I wonder what they're thinking. And I wonder what it would be like if I met them.


  1. I like your take on the blogging world. I too am quite new. Why do I get a rush from a comment from a stranger far away? And why when I get a new follower am I so excited? It's validation I guess. Validation that what I think & write matters. I now feel a responsibility to brighten your some small way & I love that your part of my audience & blogging world...

  2. so true! validation is a fantastic way of putting it. i'm glad that we've been able to connect a little bit through the blogging world. one of my goals is eventually to take a giant road trip and visit the people whose blogs i follow and maybe those who follow me. i think that'd be awesome to take a digital connection and turn it into a physical one


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