Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Today I officially started the first of what I hope to be several books. After reading through material my employer gave me on self-publishing and whatnot, I've been truly inspired. It's been my intention to start writing something full length for a long time, and though I don't have anything really cemented down, I'm starting. And starting is probably the hardest part. My goal is to work on it for an hour a day -- whether that happens or not, I'm excited to have broken ground. I got ideas for several other things too, which I intend to publish in due time. I'm beginning to realize that I really do love writing, and that I want to at least pursue that on the side of my academic pursuits. I don't know where it will take me or how far, but sometimes you just need to put the logical part of your mind aside and go for a dream. And so, I will ride the rainbow across the sky as far as it will take me.

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