Wednesday, January 11, 2012

kanye's revolution .

So maybe a week or so ago, Kanye West went through this 86-tweet novel on twitter about starting something new, something real, a bit of a creative compilation of the efforts of many people. I am lucky enough to follow him on twitter, and was pretty inspired. At one point, he invited those who wanted to get involved to send him an email. Well, by this point, I was sold -- and so I did. I wrote my best most compelling email to get myself involved. I think it would truly be an incredible opportunity.

Some may scrutinize the doings of celebrities of today. But Kanye brought up a really interesting point. Being a celebrity opens doors for you. You realize that when you reach that point, you can change things. You can do things that many others can't, whether because of the amount of red tape that you can bypass or the financial backing you can provide.

So, no matter your feelings on Kanye West, look into this. I think it's the start of something really amazing. I'm really hoping that he does take the time to look into the emails and truly give people a chance to express themselves creatively in a collaborative way. It would mean a whole lot to a lot of people to work with someone with such an appreciation for something like that.

So Mr. West, if this blog ever happens to find its way into your hands, I applaud you and tip my hat to you for what you're trying to start. I'd love to be a part of it, and hope that whoever you choose as a part of this incredible creative revolution, that it turns out all for the best.

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