Friday, January 13, 2012

never live the same day twice .

It's advice I think that we should all follow. Never, ever, ever live the same day twice. If we do, what's the point? To go back and start repeating things we've done already? This might be an odd analogy, but think of an amusement park. You start off, and there are a ton of rides. At first, it's sick, there are SO many things to go on. But then you get to know the park, and you realize you've been on most of the rides. It doesn't peak your interest like it did before. And then you're waiting in lines for hours on end for things you've already done, already experienced. Eventually, there's no longer an more incentive to even go to the park at all anymore.

Life is my amusement park. I've ridden some of the rides, and there are some yet to be ridden. And while some days, I re-ride some of the attractions, the actual days I spend there are never the same. And I intend for them to never be. It's also constantly changing -- the rides are torn down and new ones are built. These represent relationships, friends, experiences, opportunities, possibilities.

And that's all there is. Keep things ever changing. Never settle, never stop trying new things, never stop shooting for the stars, never live the same day twice. Enrich your life as much as is humanly possible, and pretend as if every day was your very last day; make it the best that you possible can.

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