Tuesday, January 3, 2012

resolutions .

I follow a blog called Nico's Nonsense, and she writes some really good stuff, one of which today was about resolutions. So since that's fresh in my mind, that's what I'd like to talk about today. I sort of breezed by New Years on this blog without much recognition, mainly because it's not that big a holiday in my life. To me, it's sort of just another year, but I suppose it's always nice to sort of have an excuse to celebrate.

I know so many people that use the New year as motivation to change themselves for the better. I applaud people for doing this, but the thing is it seems that as the year progresses our ambition slowly fades and we forget what it is we even wanted to change in the first place, and slip back into old habits. We need to constantly remind ourselves of our dreams and desires, or we will never achieve them. The prime example here is working out -- everyone who likes the beach wants to have a good body for the summer, and thus one of the most popular resolutions is to get into some sort of workout routine.

When I go back down to school in the Spring for the new semester, you wouldn't believe how many people you see out running or biking. And the gym we have is absolutely loaded with people. Free weights, machines, doesn't matter what you want to do; they're occupied unless you're weird like me and like to go to the gym at either the wee hours of the morning or the last few hours before it closes at night. Throughout the month of January this stream of people stays pretty steady, but by February you've already lost a few. By March they're entirely gone, and once again you begin to only see the regulars that have always been there.

It's unfortunate, really, which brings me to my next point. Why is it that we only get one chance a year to remake ourselves? I think that this should be a constant effort, something that we aspire to all the time and reflect upon on a regular basis. In this way I think that we will all be able to better ourselves, not just at the beginning of the year, but year round. And if we're constantly thinking about it and checking on it, then we will be able to hold on to the good changes we make.

I'm not big on resolutions -- but I am big on being able to better myself as a person, and also being able to set (reasonable) goals for myself. So here's to 2012 -- may you all achieve all that you want to, do all that you want to do, and if you plan on changing yourself, be able to keep those positive changes from going back to the way they were.

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