Sunday, January 29, 2012

reading and writing and reading and writing .

Over this semester thus far, I've done more reading and writing simultaneously than I've ever done. That is, of course, excepting those ridiculous summer reading book competitions when I was reading children's books and could read a children's fiction book in a day... Regardless, I'm in the middle of reading three different books, writing one with ideas for three or four more, blogging daily (or rather, more accurately, blogging as close to daily as I can) and I have several more books waiting to get started that a friend has given me. So much reading! More and more though, I'm beginning to love it. Imagine a life where all you did was read and write?

With the publishing industry going in the direction that it is, I'm wondering if author is one of those things that I could truly add to my resume... Something that might even support me. It is a highly self-motivational profession, I think. And to be able to bang out books like it's nothing doesn't seem easy either -- On second thought, I think I'm going to leave it as a hobby. Still, it's becoming a larger and larger part of my life and I have to say that sitting here ticking away at the keys on my laptop are some of the greatest minutes I spend in the day.

I'm so glad that I've gotten back into reading because it was one of my goals as we started the new year; to renew a passion for something that I had loved so sincerely in the past, and I think I've truly done just that! Now if I could only get myself to pick up a book in another language... and actually finish it. I've started a few before, but there's no way I can finish a foreign language book in the two weeks that the library gives me at home. I'm thinking that perhaps Cooper will allow me much more time to read it. It will certainly be work -- but I think that it will be work in a good way. It will be good to practice my German! I've slacked off so much tonight even though I have so much to do between a project to finish, boards to create, a quiz on Tuesday and test on Thursday (in the same class no less...)

Is it too ambitious to wish I had more hours in the day to get re-involved in my music? Somebody give me a year long vacation where I can get lost somewhere...

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  1. So glad you've rediscovered the joy of reading, being inspired or simply swept away...


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