Tuesday, January 17, 2012

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Being a writer isn't what it used to be. Think way back when there were no computers. People are scrawling notes on napkins, in notebooks, trying to remember their plots and characters in their heads. The status of 'writer' was an elite one, where people really had to work to get their stuff to even be accepted by an editor. Times have certainly changed, eh?

Think about it. Now pretty much anyone can publish something if they want to. They can do it as an independent, and not even have a publisher back them. They can go through and edit it themselves. They can even format it the way they want, add soft or hardcovers, page numbers, table of contents, the whole nine yards. Heck, I even did this myself; I created 2 books of the first year of blogs that I wrote. It'll be a great way to remember all that I've written, especially if this site ever crashes or gets shut down (as sad as a thought that may be, it could certainly happen...).

Now, this isn't intended to be a marketing plug at all, but I did my self-publishing through Lulu.com, and they did an absolutely fantastic job. They seriously do professional-grade work, and I was very impressed. I also ordered a bunch of calendars from them highlighting my European excursions as gifts from family members, and they also turned out fantastic.

I've mentioned on here that I want to someday write at least one book, maybe more than that. I wonder if it'll ever become more than a hobby. Because nowadays, I can go and be in that cliché scenario of sitting in Starbucks, working on my MacBook Pro, sipping a coffee and listening to jazz, working on my book.

Let's just say, I'd let to get back to the roots of it all. I want to be that person that scribbles down notes. Maybe even write by hand. All in due time, though. It should be really interesting how that dream evolves down the road.

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