Wednesday, February 1, 2012

catching up .

The past few days, including the weekend, have really zoomed by in a flash. Our first architecture project is due today (Wednesday, even though this post is technically for Saturday) and it's been a true wake-up call to how easy we really had it in Spain. It's not easy to come back from a foreign country where the work load is peanuts and then slip right back into a work-intensive environment.

And so that brings us to today. I haven't slept all night, with the exception of the few times my head has fallen down on the desk and I've slept by accident. And yet, this is what we do -- we're all in this major, and we were all aware of what we have to do to stay afloat. Only difference is, now we also have other classes to contend with. In my case, I am taking studio and then a whole bunch of classes for my minor in business administration.

However, in retrospect, it's good that I got my head back in the grind of things (I hope). When we start the next project, which will be a long one with a partner, I am now motivated to get moving early and stay ahead of the game as best I can. Because as fun as it is to blow off projects and do other things you want to know, it's never good to be up against the wall last minute as I was this time. And I'm sure that my grade will suffer for it.

College is interesting because it's really all on you to perform well. Your grades are up to you and how much time you put in, how much you study, and how efficiently you manage your time. It's a learning process... I can only hope that my semester in Spain hasn't led me to lose all of what I gained in that regard before I left. But, today is review day, so time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentations, because project one is done!

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